Happy Earth Day to Me!

Earth Day 2019 brought five indigo buntings to my wildlife habitat. I only occasionally see them and when I do it’s rarely more than one elusive bugger, but this week I have gotten to share my green space with five of the beauties and they even let me take their photo.  It’s so amazing to look out and see bright blue birds at my feeders.  I hope everyone had a wonderful earth day … got to celebrate it the way they wished … and stayed safe.  

“In nature, nothing exists alone.”
— Rachel Carson, 1962

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3 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day to Me!”

  1. All I can say is “Wow ~ what a blessing”!

    I’m a fourth generation Floridian always on the hunt for FL gardening information. I came across your site after finding your book “Central Florida Butterflies and their Host Plants: A Complete List of Native Host Plants” on Amazon. Finding your blog feels like such a gift. I have a certified wildlife garden here in Polk County and finding resources (and like-minded gardeners) is always a treat – a blessing of my own today!

    Absolutely looking forward to future posts (and reading your book).


    1. Hi Eli … it’s wonderful to meet you and hear you have a Certified Florida Wildlife Habitat in Polk County. Enjoy your green space and thanks for your lovely comment!

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