Tall Elephantsfoot

Tall Elephantsfoot (Elephantopus elatus)
Tall Elephantsfoot (Elephantopus elatus)

Common Name: Tall Elephantsfoot

Latin Name: Elephantopus elatus


Habit:  A perennial wildflower that grows to a height of about 2 – 3 feet when in bloom.

Leaves:  This wildflower has mostly basal leaves that are wide with toothed margins.  Any stem leaves are alternate, oblong to ovate, sessile, with hairs.

Flowers:  Tiny, pale lavender, flowers appear in the summer and fall.

Habitat: In occurs naturally in moist to dry pinelands, openings in oak hammocks, and disturbed sites.

Landscape: It grows in part shade with average to dry soils.  It dies back in the winter and in spring the basal leaves start to form again.

Range: It is native to Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina.

Wildlife use:  Bees, butterflies, and wasps use the flowers as a nectar source. 

Tall Elephantsfoot (Elephantopus elatus)
Tall Elephantsfoot (Elephantopus elatus)
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