Reader's Gardens

This page is dedicated to my readers and their gardens.  I appreciate each of you and want to share your achievements and enjoyment with everyone!

Thank you for helping me keep Florida native plants in our gardens!

native Florida wildflowers growing in containers at Sharon LaPlante's garden
Sharon's red salvia, firebush, red pentas, and scarlet morning glory.

Sharon's Garden

Hi, I’m Sharon LaPlante and I live in Haines City, Florida, and enjoy growing native wildflowers in containers because I am disabled and container gardening is easier for me than growing them in the yard. It’s easier to weed the containers and not as much labor as digging and weeding the yard.

I love to share cuttings and seeds with my friends and neighbors.  My favorite wildflowers are the ones that attract pollinators and butterflies.  I love any native plant that is a host plant for Florida butterflies.  My favorites for nectar are red salvia, swamp milkweed, and firebush.  My favorite host plants are corkystem passionvine and milkweed. My favorite pollinators are zebra longwing butterflies and bumblebees.

My favorite nursery is Mail Order Natives.

Submit YOUR garden!

So many of you inspire me with your efforts to propagate, and learn about, our native plants that I want to show my appreciation by recognizing your efforts.

I would love it if you could participate by emailing me a paragraph or two about your garden, and anything you think is relevant, along with a few photos or a short video (1-5 min).

Send your submissions to:

Perhaps you struggled to get things going for whatever reason (HOA, neighbors, pests, soil conditions, etc.), or maybe you would rather just share with us the plants that you specialize in growing or grow best for you? Some of you love butterfly gardening, some swear by edibles, wildflower meadows, and so forth.

Now is your time to share your achievements and show us what you’ve got!

I cannot promise you when your garden will appear at my site, but I can promise that every submission will be added to my new Reader’s Gardens page at some point.

It doesn’t matter at all if your native garden consists of a single potted milkweed on your patio! If you care about gardening with natives as much as I do, please don’t hesitate to give us all a peek at what you’re up to!

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