Reader's Gardens

This page is dedicated to my readers and their gardens.  I appreciate each of you and want to share your achievements and enjoyment with everyone!

Thank you for helping me to keep Florida native plants in our green spaces and Florida gardens!

Enjoy your green space and Florida gardening!

Penni & Angie's Garden

Penni & Angie's sunflower and wildflower border.

My sister, Penni, and, my niece, Angie love to garden and grow flowers for the pollinators and the songbirds.  Their yard is small but they are visited by many different animals.

They are always surprised at the number of birds that arrive to use the flowers for food and visit the birdfeeders for a bite of cracked corn because they have a very small green space.  Even though it’s small it’s mighty!  It goes to show that if you provide food, water and shelter for the local wildlife they will appreciate it and come to let you admire their beauty to show their appreciation. 

blue cornflower & bumblebee
common grackle
song sparrow

They love their pollinator visitors especially the bumblebees.  They do have some veggie beds as well so appreciate that the bumblebees pollinate their vegetables for them too.

The sparrows are always a treat to watch because they are very chatty and busy so there’s always something they’re doing that is interesting and entertaining to watch.  The sunflowers are always filled with the chatty sparrows waiting their turn at the bird feeder.

Their green space may be small, and right in the busy city, but they get a wide variety of wildlife!

Their most recent visitor (a groundhog BTW) loves carrots!
He loves them so much he licks the plate!
groundhog in penni and angies garden
"Uh hum ... Penni we need more carrots."
A water source is the best way to attract wildlife!
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