Florida Milkpea

Florida milkpea (Galactia floridana) single flower

Common Name:  Florida Milkpea

Latin NameGalactia floridana


Habit:  An herbaceous vine that can reach 3 feet in length. It tends to stay prostrate and trailing but will climb if given a support. 

Leaves:  Alternate, with three leaflets. The leaflets are oblong to elliptic in shape. 

Flowers:  Small lavender flowers appear throughout the year. 

Distribution: Pinelands and sandhills.

Landscape:  In the home landscape it grows in part-shade with average to dry soil moisture. It is a diminutive vine that can easily get lost in a garden setting. 

Wildlife use:  Small butterflies and bees use the flowers as a nectar source. Songbirds and small mammals eat the flowers, beans, and dried seeds. It is a larval food for the Ceranus blue butterfly. 

Florida milkpea (Galactia floridana) flowers and foliage

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