Tough Bully

tough bully (Sideroxylon tenax) in the landscape

Common Name:  Tough bully

Latin NameSideroxylon tenax


Habit:  An evergreen tree reaching 25 feet in height.

Leaves:  Alternate, evergreen, & oblanceolate. The upperleaf surface is smooth and the lower surface has rufous-silky hairs. The stems have long thorns.

Flowers:  Small white flowers appear in late spring to early summer.

Distribution:  Dry hammocks, pinelands and scrub.

Landscape:  Grows in full sun to part shade with average moisture.

Wildlife use:  Bees & wasps use the flowers as a nectar source and when in bloom the tree is alight with them. Birds eat the fruit and use the foliage                    to nest in because of its protective thorns. Insect eating birds use this tree to feed off of the bees and wasps that are attracted to it.

tough bully (Sideroxylon tenax) flowers

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