Oakleaf Fleabane

oakleaf fleabane (Erigeron quercifolius)

Common Name:  Oakleaf Fleabane

Latin NameErigeron quercifolius

FamilyAsteraceae (Aster family)

Habit:  An annual wildflower reaching 2 feet in height.

Leaves:  Mostly basal, oblanceolate or obovate, lobed or toothed.

Flowers:  Small, white with yellow centers.  Occasionally with rays having a purple tint.

Habitat:  Open woods and disturbed sites.

Landscape:  It is grown in the home landscape in full sun to part shade with average to moist soils.  Fleabane isn’t sold in nurseries, but must be started from seed or transplants.

Range: Oakleaf fleabane is native to Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

Wildlife use: A much prized nectar, and pollen, plant for small pollinators such as sweat bees and small skipper butterflies.

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oakleaf fleabane (Erigeron quercifolius)

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