Florida Greeneyes

Florida Greeneyes (Berlandiera subacaulis)
Florida Greeneyes (Berlandiera subacaulis)

Common Name: Florida Greeneyes

Latin Name: Berlandiera subacaulis


Habit:  A perennial, endemic,  wildflower that grows to a height of about one foot.

Leaves:  Chiefly in a basal rosette of elliptic to oblanceolate leaves with lobed margins.  The sparse leaves on stems are alternate.

Flowers:  Yellow flowers with green centers that appear all year.

Habitat: Pinelands, sandhills, dry open woods, and disturbed sites.  

Landscape: It grows in full sun to part shade with average to dry soils. 

Range: Florida greeneyes is only native to Florida.

Wildlife use:   The lovely little yellow flowers are used as a nectar source by pollinators such as bees, butterflies, flies, and wasps.

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Florida Greeneyes (Berlandiera subacaulis)
Florida Greeneyes (Berlandiera subacaulis)

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