Pine-hyacinth (Clematis baldwinii)
Pine-hyacinth (Clematis baldwinii)

Common Name: Pine-hyacinth

Latin Name:   Clematis baldwinii


Habit:  A perennial, endemic, wildflower that barely reaches a height of 20 inches.

Leaves:  Opposite, lanceolate to elliptic in shape with entire margins.  Some may be lobed or unlobed.

Flowers:  Pale purple, bell shaped, flowers appear throughout the year.

Habitat:  Dry pinelands, and other dry areas with sandy soil.

Landscape:  Grows in part shade with average moisture.

Range: Native to Florida.

Wildlife use:  Bees use the flowers as a nectar source. 

Pine-hyacinth (Clematis baldwinii)
Pine-hyacinth (Clematis baldwinii)

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