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 Florida is filled with beautiful native flowers,

shrubs, trees, and vines, of all shapes, colors, and

sizes.  Through the years I have found that using

native plants can really save on landscaping

maintenance and the pocket book.  I’m not a native

plant elitist, by any means, and have plenty of non-

native plants in my yard.  However, I am a lazy

gardener and have found that using native plants

as often as possible makes my life easier, not to

mention the entertainment value of the wildlife that

it attracts.

If you’re interested in Florida’s plants and animals

then you may find something useful within my site. 

Butterfly gardening in central Florida can be as easy as learning to identify the plants used by

our butterfly species for food, shelter, courtship and egg-laying.  Many plants that most people

consider weeds are important butterfly plants and are totally free for you to use to create your

own butterfly garden.  Read my article Butterfly Gardening in Central Florida to find out more.

Attracting birds to your garden follows the same principles. Many plants that people have

falsely labeled as weeds, or trash plants, provide

the necessary food and shelter for Florida’s

birds.  You don’t need to spend a fortune on

landscaping to attract birds.  I bet you already

have many native plants in your yard that the

birds would love if you allowed them to grow to

their potential instead of mowing them off.  Look

through my article on Native Plants for the Birds 

and see if you recognize any of them in your


Please take a minute to look around and see

what you can find.  Thanks for stopping by.


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